Top kitchen design trends for 2018

March 1, 2018 Kirsty Young

Whatever style of kitchen you’re looking for, as US magazine House Beautiful says, “It’s going to be about dark colours, customization and convenience.” Here are the 2018 top kitchen trends as featured by top interior design magazines and websites, from colours to cupboards, marble to woodgrains.

Strong colour contrasts

The hottest colour for a kitchen in 2018 is blue, for a cool, contemporary look that is both smart and welcoming. From subtle shades of blue denim through to strong dark blues, you can tone down with a matt finish to your cabinets, or let the colour shine with a high gloss finish.

Or, make the colour statement with custom painted walls and contrast with subtle cabinet colours such as gentle greys and subtle tones with a hint of warmth. Also on trend are ‘natural neutrals’ such as sage greens and plum purples.

“Dark Colored Kitchens Are still Trendy”

According to Interiorzine, your 2018 kitchen should also contrast the strong colours with lighter, brighter colours that ‘pop’. Rather than dark cabinets, the magazine suggests dark tiles, dark stone effect countertops and rich floors to frame hand-painted kitchen cabinets in natural neutrals.

Warm up with wood

Give your kitchen a distinct contrast by teaming high gloss cabinets and worktops with woodgrain finishes that look and feel great. Woodgrain softens and enhances the sleek lines of solid colours, and can be in lighter colours to lift, or in deep tones such as walnut for a richer colour contrast. You can also blend in woodgrain effects in on-trend grey kitchen using woods with a natural hint of grey, such as oak.

Greater than granite?

Natural stone work surfaces are more and more popular, especially with the rise in popularity of alternatives to traditional stone countertop materials such as granite. In the kitchen of 2018, you’re more likely to find a light grey or white countertop made of super-tough quartz, made from natural stone and polymer binding resins. For a classic look, choose marble, with its distinctive look and naturally cool temperature, perfect for cooking.

Tuck away the toaster

Your kitchen appliances don’t have to always live on the countertop. Keep your work surfaces neat and showroom tidy by storing your small appliances in an appliance garage. This is a counter level kitchen cabinet, with a hinged door that opens from bottom to top, so appliances can be easily placed inside and hidden from view.

“White Done Right”

Another quote worth repeating from Beautiful Homes and Gardens. “Consider your kitchen’s stone floor, backsplash, and trim to find the perfect shade of white for the space.” High gloss white cabinets reflect light around your kitchen like no other colour, creating a sense of space, but it can look a little clinical. By varying the shade of white, you can achieve that same feeling of openness while retaining a human level of warmth.

Discreet integrated appliances

The design trend for major appliances in 2018 is – discretion. Let the bold colours do the talking, and let your appliances whisper about their high quality, sleek looks and smart functions. For a grey or blue kitchen choose appliances in darker shades and visually textured finishes such as brushed steel.

Shaker kitchen are still in style

While most kitchen trends are about handle-less doors and minimal lines, the timeless Shaker kitchen is rising in popularity again. Perhaps this is because this simple yet elegant style of kitchen design really suits the modern family lifestyle, with a simple natural feel that is also very practical. With a choice of natural style finishes, a Shaker kitchen will certainly enhance your home and ensure cooking in your kitchen is a relaxing pleasure every time.

Custom backsplashes

Splash backs are making a comeback, and almost anything goes in terms of materials. From rich-coloured tempered glass and designer tiles to industrial metal and heat-resistant modern materials, these protective panels are becoming a statement in themselves.

Kitchen islands

A kitchen island is the centre of the modern kitchen in more ways than one. It’s a surface to eat, to talk, to do homework, or dream big dreams with a coffee. A kitchen island is not just a work surface; in your 2018 kitchen you can add pop-up sockets for appliances, set into smart quartz countertops, and with plenty of storage options underneath, from soft-close drawers to slimline wine coolers.

LED lighting

LED lighting has evolved into a versatile way to light your kitchen with warm colours or cool ice-white light. Illuminate your kitchen in novel ways, from a ring of tiny lights around your kitchen island that make it appear to float on the floor, to subtle spots under wall cabinets to make your work surface shine.

New home, new kitchen

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