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5 Ideas to consider for you kitchen reno

If you are planning a kitchen makeover, you want it to be functional and beautiful. We have put together five ideas that you should consider for your kitchen renovation. When starting your kitchen design, it is important you trust your design to the professionals. At Verbeek, we are lucky enough to work with a great team within our company. Our designers work with you and your family to help create your dream kitchen.

1) Use two different cabinet finishes or combinations

Spark up your kitchen by using various combinations of wood and paint, or two different colours of paint! White upper cabinets with dark brown bases will prove to be a design leader in 2019. You can combine colours for a beautiful grouping of finishes. When you mix shades, you create an eye-catching contrast.

2) Add a chimney hood fan or decorative exhaust fan

Kitchen appliances can be more than utilitarian. Range hoods have become an extension of design and can impact a space. Choose a complementary material or colour to create a gorgeous focal point and help break up your cabinets.

3) Install open shelving

After tearing down outdated cabinets, consider installing open shelving in their place. Open shelves can be used when a layout seems too crowded or top heavy. Open shelves provide areas to display cookbooks, accessories or unique cookware.

4) Colour customization

Homeowners are no longer satisfied with cookie-cutter kitchen designs. They want something unique that builds character and personality or provides a bold statement. Manufacturing companies are providing the latest and greatest finish colours to appeal to the masses. They have teamed up with paint companies to provide an array of colour options for you to be inspired by.

5) Move over double bowl sinks

(photo sourced from google)
Since handwashing dishes isn’t a regular occurrence in households these days, the need for a double bowl sink is becoming less important. In part, the farmhouse design has become extremely popular. Farmhouse sinks are popular mostly for their large deep sizes, that allowed for more comfortable use and style. If the apron front sink doesn’t fit into your design, then opt for a single bowl under mount sink in the same width as a double bowl.

4 Tricky Questions you never thought to ask

4 Tricky Questions you never thought to ask


Some of the obvious questions you ask when you are planning a new kitchen are “Do I want white cabinets or wood?” and “Do I want stainless steel appliances?”

But there are many more design decisions that you may not even think to consider until the project is well underway.  To help you avoid surprises and unfortunate mistakes, here are four questions you and your designer will address as you begin working on the details of your new kitchen.

1. What are the Rules?

Now, I’m not talking about design rules for what colours will match or what wood goes with what stone.  I’m talking about actual rules that are laid out by your building code, which can affect many decisions or none, depending on your project area. For example, many building codes will dictate what type of hood fan you must use to ensure proper ventilation.



2. How should my Cabinet doors and drawers open?

Designers often point out that changing the knobs on existing cabinets can make a kitchen look new in a snap.  One of the trickiest parts of designing a kitchen is making the cabinet door and drawer fronts look elegant and consistent while the cabinets themselves serve different practical functions. You might find a single handle that works for all your cabinets, but you may need two or even three coordinating styles to address all your different sizes of fronts. Once you’ve chosen hardware, you should consider where to install it to best achieve a sense of visual consistency.



3. What Finish Should My Fixtures Be? 

Selecting the material for your kitchen fixtures isn’t all about trends and pretty color palettes. Metals come in various finishes, and there can be major practical considerations as well. Try mixing stainless steel with brushed brass for a subtle contrast, as shown here. For example, brushed finishes tend to hide fingerprints and light water spotting much better than polished ones. Brass and gold-tone finishes tend to be warmer and more dramatic, while stainless steel and silvery-tone finishes tend to blend into the color palette more but add more sparkle. There are lots of details to consider, so it’s best to research the pros and cons of a style that you like.



4. How Will I Mount My Sink?

Choosing an under mount sink or a drop-in model, affects more than just the look of the sink itself, so it’s a decision that should be thought through early. Undermount sinks, are generally easier for keeping the surrounding counter top area clean because the neater edge of the counter allows you to sweep crumbs and debris directly into the sink without getting caught on a high lip. However, undermounts can’t always be installed in a laminate counter because the counter cutout would leave a raw unfinished edge in the core material. Knowing what style of sink you prefer will affect what materials are available to you, so it’s best to answer this question as soon as possible and then research from there.



5 reasons you need a custom kitchen in your London,On home

Kitchens are arguably the most important room of the house. Whether cooking an intimate dinner for two or entertaining a crowd, the flow and functionality of your kitchen will enhance the experience exponentially.

A custom designed kitchen will ensure that you have all your wants and needs met. Being set up in such a way that it optimizes your space. Not only will it provide the practicality we are all looking for in a kitchen, but it will do so in such a way that truly feels like home.


There is no doubt that the quality and craftsmanship are far superior when having a custom kitchen made. Attention to detail, precise crafting and top notch products will bring your kitchen to life in a way that no prefabricated kitchen could. Wood type, counter top material and cabinet colours can all be chosen by the homeowner to create the kitchen of their dreams. A custom kitchen made with quality materials will stand up to the wear and tear of daily life, it’s an investment you won’t regret.

Designed to fit your lifestyle:

Whether you are whipping up dinners for a busy family or slowing down and creating elaborate 5-course meals the functionality of your kitchen will either serve to help you or frustrate you efforts. A custom kitchen designed specifically with your lifestyle in mind will ensure that your cooking space will be set up to assist you. We all have different ideas of what works best and it’s not a one size fits all formula. For some its increased storage, whereas others are in need of additional counter space; regardless, a designer will take the time to find out what your specific wants and needs are and create an area that matches those.

Designed to fit your home:

Stock kitchens and cabinetry typically will work for a small selection of standard sized kitchens and layouts. So where does that leave you if you are looking for something outside of the box? A custom kitchen will allow for unique layout options that work specifically for your home and your life. Instead of attempting to find the space to fit a premade kitchen, have the pros design a kitchen that fits your space.

House Value:

An outdated kitchen with poor design and low quality materials will be a major deterrent when looking to sell your home. A well lit, light and airy space will not only improve your chances of a quick sale, it will also increase the overall value of your home. Custom kitchens are an attractive feature to potential buyers as they are known for their quality and high end features. You will enjoy all of its benefits as the current homeowner and know that it will aid in a sale if that is in your future.

Choice of Style:

Modern and sleek to farmhouse and rustic, kitchen styles are plentiful. When designing a custom kitchen you are able to tailor it to fit the overall decor and feel of your home. From deep farmhouse sinks to custom cabinet colours, you are able to create a kitchen that is unique to you and your home. Opting for custom features that match the flow of your house and add a personal touch to your living space.

Well there you have it, 5 reasons you need a custom kitchen in your London, Ontario home. Are you ready to take the next step? Get in touch with a designer at Verbeek Kitchens today! 519-685-1811. 189 Exeter Road.

Kitchen trends that are here to stay

Kitchen trends that are here to stay

Whether it is colour, materials or layouts, kitchen trends will come and go, but knowing which styles will stand the test of time can be tricky.  Should you play it safe and stick with a less inspiring – or dare we say, dull scheme.  Or embrace that hot new look that may date quickly.  Luckily there are plenty of trends that will allow you to find the perfect balance between looks and longevity.  Check out these popular trends that are unlikely to go out of style any time soon.

Two-tone cabinets

Are you wanting a little variation in your kitchen? Two-tone cabinetry is a very stylish way of breaking up a block of colour, especially if you are picking the dark kitchen trend.  Balance a dramatic fitted unit with a kitchen island painted in a complementary pastel shade.


Wine Coolers

Having a drink cooler, or wine chiller that is separate from your refrigerator is now often high on the appliance wish list.  So, whether you need to be well stocked for a post-workout re hydration or an after work ‘wine down,’ incorporating a wine fridge is a useful appliance to neatly squeeze into your kitchen plan.

Complementary Surfaces

If you are on a budget, pairing different counter top materials can prove cost-effective.  Add a stunning quartz or wood surface in a small area such as an island as a focal point and a more economical counter top to complete the look. The contrasting colours will also help to create a visual break up.


Waterfall islands

Waterfall style islands show off a statement counter top and create a visually appealing effect as the counter top edges appear to flow over the side of the surface down to the floor. It is easy to achieve and gives your kitchen a seamless finish and elegant look.


Peninsula kitchens

Peninsula kitchen layouts work well in smaller kitchens.  They are a stylish yet practical alternative to a kitchen island when your space is tight.  Not only do they act as a room divider without compromising the light, they also create an excellent addition to seating for more relaxed occasions like breakfast or study time.


Call Verbeek Kitchens to talk to a designer today to help make your dream kitchen a reality.  519-685-1811 – 189 Exeter Rd, London, ON N6L 1A4





One of the most important steps in any project is starting with a great design. It’s not just about looks, it’s more about function and adding value to your life. More than any other room in the house, a kitchen must be well thought out, carefully configured and designed to accommodate multiple functions. You probably spend more time in your kitchen than any other room, and that’s exactly why it’s so important to start with a great design. Here are some essential elements of a well-designed kitchen to consider with your upcoming renovations.
Makes Good Use of Space
There are two parts to this design feature. The first is using all the available space so nothing goes to waste. The second involves using the space well. For example, keeping commonly used things in your kitchen close together so you don’t spend all your time walking from one side of the room to the other.
Has Enough Storage
A common mistake that people make when designing kitchens is not including enough storage. In addition, the smaller the available space there is, the more important it is to come up with creative storage solutions.
Takes into Consideration Traffic
Designing a kitchen well involves thinking carefully about how people use and walk-through it. For instance, walkways should be big enough to pass while safety is important too. For example, you should keep ovens and knobs away from walkways if possible, particularly if children use the kitchen.
Add an island if there’s room
Let’s face it, people love to hang out in the kitchen — especially when there’s something cooking that smells delicious. For families a kitchen island can help make the kitchen a space where everyone can gather and spend time. Space and kitchen layout will impact your island’s efficiency, so it’s not for everyone. But it’s worth considering.
A great meal doesn’t have to cost any more than a regular one. It needs to start with a great recipe, have quality ingredients and be carried out with confidence and execution in the kitchen. The same thing could be said about your next kitchen design. Make sure it’s a great one!

Dos and Don’ts for your kitchen island design

Dos and Don’ts for your kitchen island design

        In most kitchens now a days, the island can be the heart of the entire kitchen, where families gather to have meals, and to share their daily stories.  Apart from their social function, islands should be designed and installed for a specific purpose.  Homeowners are now opting for a multi-functional island, equipped with sinks, cooktops and even bar fridges.

Here are some dos and don’ts when it comes to designing your kitchen island:


  • Plan for electric: If you are planning on using your island as extra countertop space, having an outlet on either one, or both sides can assist in extending your space for your cooking needs.
  • Design: It is always best for your island to match the style and theme of your kitchen, but playing it up with different colours to textures can make for a nice subtle pop.
  • Design the right size island to fit your space: On one hand, an island that is too small for your space, won’t be functional. On the other, an island that is too large may cause interruption in the work flow of your kitchen.
  • Docreate a kitchen that allows for more uses than just cooking. Other common areas include a computer work area, or a seating area apart from the eating table where children can do homework.


  • Not enough storage: Homeowners can get caught up in the ideas of an island that they forget to allow room for storage to help make their island function more efficiently. Make sure to plan for organized storage, it can save you steps and make your island more functional and easier to use.
  • Wider isn’t always better: islands that are too wide are a very common mistake. Islands that are too wide can prevent you from reaching the center of the island, which makes it more difficult to utilize all the space, or even properly clean your countertop.  Instead make sure your placement and function is based on the size and layout of your kitchen.
  • Don’t sacrifice safety for aesthetics.
  • Don’tassume a family has only one cook. In a lot of dual-income households, families participate in meal preparation, so individual work areas are important. This might mean including a second kitchen sink or a cooktop on an island away from the primary food preparation area.

Hopefully this list helps you prepare for your kitchen remodel and reminds you of the little things that can easily be forgotten! For any of your kitchen island needs make sure to call or visit Verbeek Kitchens and speak with one of our experienced designers today.

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4 ways to update your kitchen

4 ways to update your kitchen


From breakfast until dinner, the kitchen serves as the hub and is the heart of any home. With a room that is used so often, it is easy to get caught up and before you know it your once trendy kitchen becomes yesterday’s news.  Here are 4 ways to rejuvenate your kitchen space, helping you combine practicality and style for years to come.


  1. Modernize your countertops

Kitchen countertops play a huge role in the overall look of your kitchen.  To update, consider ditching your vinyl countertops and replace them with stylish and functional granite for that modern look. Not only does granite look great, their hard and durable properties make them a very functional addition to any kitchen. This means you won’t need to replace them again anytime soon – and when they look as great as they do, why would you even want to?


  1. Make your kitchen accommodating

As we talked about before, the kitchen has evolved in recent years. Where it was once only a space for cooking, the kitchen now serves as the center of the daily workings of the family. Consider adding a seating area to accommodate everything from friends coming over to catch up, or even the kids doing their homework.


  1. Start thinking eco-friendly

As our society continues to develop a greater environmental consciousness, eco-friendly is becoming an increasingly popular design feature.  So it is well worth updating this space with the latest eco-friendly designs and appliances.  Adding the latest energy efficient appliances to your kitchen is an excellent way to keep up to date ensuring your kitchen doesn’t get left in the dark ages.


  1. Don’t forget about lighting

Lighting often is an afterthought when it comes to your kitchen design, but the truth is lighting can influence a kitchens ability to make an impact.  The important thing to think about is ambience.  While a big bright kitchen might have worked kitchens in the past, the modern spaces rely on versatile lighting to match the rooms new role as a social hub.


Following these tips will help you refresh your kitchen and achieve a stylish modern space that will remain trendy for years to come.


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How to find the right cabinets for you

With so many options of kitchen styles to choose from, how do you find the right one for your home? Finding a style that fits your needs, desires and aesthetic preferences is not always an easy task.

The kitchen is the hub of your home, a place to not only cook and eat but to entertain, gather and to even work.  Whether its large or small, picking the right style for you is important. A new kitchen is a big investment, so it has to stand the test of time.

It used to be that you would match your kitchen to the style of your house – rustic, or country style for cottages, for instance, and shiny, modern designs for new builds. But now picking from both modern and traditional can give you a kitchen that is timeless and practical.

Modern kitchens are usually sleek and simple.  Imagine no moldings on doors or slab door cabinets.  An emphasis on the materials used for construction: granite or concrete countertops, stainless steel appliances, glass backsplash and finishes ranging from matte to shiny.  Traditional kitchens are usually defined by their detail and are usually made of wood. Imagine decorative moldings, wooden doors, countertops, and ‘antique’ finishes. Transitional kitchens take the best of both worlds and combine features from both styles to suit your personal taste and needs. A shaker-style, with minimal lines is a prime example of a mix of classic and contemporary.

Stop by our showroom or call and speak with one of our designers regarding any questions you have about purchasing new cabinets for your kitchen, 189 Exeter Rd, London, ON 519-685-1811

Things to consider before remodeling your kitchen

When you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen, there are a few things homeowners should consider before you remodel, these include:

  1. The age of your home

In your kitchen remodel, there are more things to keep in mind other then cosmetic. The age and state of your home structure will almost play a factor in your kitchen remodel, more importantly your plumbing.  Having your plumbing checked before you remodel is a very important thing to consider.


  1. Your budget

Your budget is another big thing to consider. There might be areas you  want to splurge on but cut back on others. Alongside your kitchen design professional, you can work with your budget to make the most of what your kitchen remodel has to offer.

  1. The size of your space

The size of your kitchen is the most important thing that one should consider in the early stages of your remodel.  Unless you are removing walls, your kitchen size will determine your layout, storage and counterspace that you will be able to fit in your new remodel. If you are planning on expanding the size of the space, what would you include in the space? An Island or peninsula is a great idea for some extra storage and countertop space, providing you have the space to easily get around.  These are very important things to speak with your designer about before starting your remodel.


  1. Find the right professionals for the job

A great place to start is to head to a kitchen showroom so you can checkout the latest design and get ideas by talking to the designers.  It is also important to look at websites such as Houzz and Pinterest to get some ideas of what you are wanting in your kitchen remodel.


When you are ready to begin the remodel process, call us at Verbeek Kitchens to speak with one of our designers 519-685-1811


Why White Kitchens Work

Kitchen fads will come and go, but if you want something that will stand the test of time, a white kitchen is the way to go and here’s why.

If your ready to remodel your kitchen, then your ready to drop some serious cash and you don’t want to drop it on something that will end up disappearing faster then sour milk down the drain.

Two words: white kitchen.

White kitchens stand the test of time because they are “fresh and clean” and there isn’t a better way to approach design other than that.  As the brightest colour, white reflects light and makes even a small kitchen feel and look spacious.

Flash back to the 1920s, white was just about the only colour offered by kitchen manufacturers.

White is marketable! The Home Appliance Manufacturers Association says white appliances have outsold all other colours and the same goes for cabinets. White almost always tops the list in most popular kitchen and baths annual surveys, which is great news when it comes to resale value. The simple beauty of white kitchens takes the worry out of marketability.


Think white cabinets are too boring? No way! Cabinet doors and trims create incredible details and dimensions of contrast that give depth and interest to your cabinets.  Don’t forget, every colour looks great paired with white! Think of all the fun you can have decorating and making your kitchen come alive. White kitchens let you be you! Think of an art canvas, it starts off as a perfect white backdrop for your favourite colours. Paint the walls, add open exposed wood shelves, anything you imagine can come alive.

At Verbeek, we create dream kitchens to match the needs of all our customers. Our team will be happy to answer questions on all the latest trends and innovative technologies. Call us direct at 519-685-1811 or come into our kitchen showroom at 189 Exeter Rd. London, ON