Top brass kitchens

September 6, 2018
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September 6, 2018 Kirsty Young

Industrial style kitchens are an established part of many on-trend loft or urban bachelor apartments. For many designers and customers alike, the clean lines of sparkling stainless steel against a stark palette of black, white or grey will never wane. However, there’s a new majestic metal on the kitchen design scene and it’s adding a deeper solid shine to urban chic. It’s brass – and it’s back!

Getting down to brass tacks

Brass is a wonderful addition to any kitchen. It adds a glamorous glow to the functional family space and a warmer, more ‘vintage-feel’ to its urban counterpart. Whether you’re embarking on a brand-new renovation or simply refreshing an old design, getting the ‘brass-look’ couldn’t be easier. Here are six design ideas to get you started:

1) Kitchen islands

Limiting the metallic look to a single defined area can often have the biggest impact. For a classic combination, add burnished brass cabinetry to your kitchen island.

2) Countertops and sinks

Countertops crafted entirely of brass create the wow-factor and add that special vintage vibe, especially as they begin to age. Over time, the surfaces used most will get shinier, whilst the underused areas gradually darken. Add a pure white, apron-front sink for a stunning contrast. Alternatively, turn the idea on its head. Brushed nickel sinks create a convincing brass-look against glossy white worktops and look equally eye-catching.

3) Walls, tiles & backsplashes

Exposed brickwork, concrete, and subway style tiles are all part of the established industrial look. For a bigger statement, choose brass mosaic tiles or spruce up plain subway-style tiles with golden grout. A bold brass backsplash will certainly attract attention, and last for decades. For a touch of brass class without the price tag, run a seam of brass along the top or through the centre of a tile or glass backsplash.

4) Lighting

Low-hanging brass pendant lights are a great addition to any industrial style kitchen, adding a warm glow without compromising on the overall styling. Oversized bulbs will further enhance the urban chic appeal.

5) Accessories

In a pared back space, token brass pieces will add a rich hint of glamour. Minimal, simple touches work best: try a bold brass fruit bowl on a kitchen island, a striking brass vase on the kitchen table, or casually displayed brass saucepans on open shelving.

6) Floors that enhance brass

Exposed steel surfaces are often a feature of city loft apartments, offering a simple background for the other elements of the kitchen. More often, you’ll find antique wooden floors as a more subtle choice for the family kitchen. Floors with herringbone or chevron patterns will soften the look further, and add to the warm vintage feel when set against brass cabinetry and accessories.

Thinking outside the brass box

Recycling is a key component of the industrial design trend. Visit local flea markets and antique stores and consider mixing and matching the furniture you stumble upon. Add brass legs to wooden chairs, stools and tabletops. Or, for a touch of warmth in an unexpected place, why not compliment timber cabinetry with some brass kickplates?

For that finishing touch, swap your faucets and cabinetry hardware for antique brass equivalents. You can find them at local stores, thrift shops, and auctions. It won’t matter that they don’t all match – the beauty is in the objects themselves. Look for brass accessories for elsewhere in the home too; hooks, door handles, front door furniture. Don’t polish antique brass items. Simply wash them, dry them, and rub with a soft cloth to bring up the shine a bit. This way your brass will keep that long-established patina so beloved of designers.

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