Kitchens with character: adding the personal touch

June 1, 2018 Kirsty Young

Your new dream kitchen will be on-trend, stylish, and functional, but what does it say about you and your family? Simply by adding some unique personal touches, you can turn a showroom-pristine kitchen into a customized space that reflects your character and lifestyle.


Dare to be different

There are so many ways a kitchen can reflect your character. All that’s required is a little creative thinking and a willingness to think ‘outside the box’. So, we’ve come up with a few design ideas to help your personality shine through:

1. The rough with the smooth

Create the perfect on-trend urban vibe with elegant metal bar stools around an island of natural maple or walnut. Wire mesh fruit bowls and pendant lamps hanging from intricate chains are also great textural features. Or, for a more overt industrial feel, set stainless-steel cabinetry and appliances against all wood cabinet interiors and floors.

2. Soft at heart

Personalize cool white finishes by mixing the expected with the unexpected. Potted plants with an abundance of delicate, green foliage will provide contrast and visually soften straight edges. Make a statement with a round table or round top stools in any kitchen defined by straight lines.

3. Wonderful windows

If you have a window nestled between tall cabinetry, take full advantage of the space. Build in a comfy window seat and accessorize with textured cushions for that added touch of softness. Or ask the team here at Verbeek about our custom cabinetry solutions for any underused space, including storage.

4. Colour your life

A rainbow assortment of coloured seating injects vibrancy and focal points into any darker kitchen colour scheme. Stand out from the crowd by introducing some quirky ‘one-off’ furnishings, whether chic new designer pieces, or one-off, upcycled items painted in bright colours and given a new look.

5. A touch of the traditional

Give your contemporary kitchen family history and character by adding a few period pieces. A long-forgotten family heirloom might be just the thing for a jolt of originality. Alternatively, rummage around some garage sales, visit your local antique store, or take a look at the range of architectural salvage sites online.

6. Keeping it cool

If you’re all about chic, then glossy white leather-topped stools against dark granite countertops will conserve your cool class. Or reverse the contrast with a black-veined white quartz countertop and jet black bar stool tops.


Unique storage solutions

At Verbeek, we are proud to offer specialty designs for customized storage, both inside and outside the kitchen. We can help with:

  • Under-used spaces brought to life: Make alcoves, archways and spaces under staircases work again as practical, built-in storage areas.
  • Celebrate high ceilings: A floor to ceiling display cabinet can be an impressive addition to any kitchen. Perfect for showing off kids’ crafts, family photos and keeping your personal treasures safe.

From day one, you’ll be involved in your design, ensuring your storage solution is totally unique to you and perfect for your needs.

At Verbeek Kitchens, we create dream kitchens to match the character and needs of all our customers. Our team will be happy to answer all of your design questions. Call us at 519-685-1811 or come into our kitchen showroom at 189 Exeter Rd. London, ON.