Kitchens for men: a new kind of cool

June 15, 2018 Kirsty Young

More men are spending time in the kitchen than ever before. According to Statistics Canada, in 1986, just 29 percent of fathers reported having to cook during a typical day. In 2015 that number doubled to 59 percent.

What’s changed?

Changing attitudes to equality and the increase of women in full-time work is a large contributor to this upward trend. The rise of TV cooking shows like Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives must also play a big part. With its likeable, laid-back frontman Guy Fieri, this is just one show currently making a hit with male audiences.

Finally, it seems, the kitchen is cool!

Bucking the trend

With more men in the kitchen, it’s hardly surprising that they’re starting to influence design trends. Men tend to place less emphasis on aesthetics and more on “workflow” and “efficiency”. Or at least, that’s what James Ramsey of New York’s RAAD Studio has observed. Here are just a few of the kitchen style ideas that men are embracing for 2018:

The entertainer

Love to entertain? An open plan arrangement that combines a functional kitchen with a living or dining room is still a top design choice. If you don’t have the space, scatter stools around your kitchen island and make sure it’s big enough for guests to share without encroaching on the all-important food prep. Floor to ceiling cabinets are great for maximizing storage space – and perfect for housing the TV and wireless sound system!

The hassle-free guy

Low-maintenance quartz countertops or other engineered stone products are this year’s must-have. Resisting stains and scratches, these super-tough surfaces are hassle-free. “Roughed-up” finishes are another favourite. For a powerful contrast, try pairing weathered oak cabinets with smooth marble countertops.

The gadget geek

If you love your gadgets, then there’s no better place than the kitchen to start your latest collection. From motion sensor automated faucets to smart refrigerators and flash freezing devices there’s a whole world of gourmet gizmos out there. You’ll find it hard to resist!

The dark side

The on-trend colours for high contrast kitchens are soft grays and rich blacks. For a dramatic contrast go with black appliances and darker hardwood floors. (Unlike their light finish counterparts, they won’t show every speck of dust and dirt!).

Go green

Grow your way to the top of the 2018 kitchen wish list and ‘go green’ … literally! A green island or cabinetry paired with gold hardware makes a huge statement. For a subtler edge, give plain white urban-style tiles a lift by using green grout instead of white. Or, for a real touch of cool, why not go retro and introduce a mint green fridge?

The tall guy

Tired of stooping over your chopping board and banging your head on low cabinets? Kitchen design is not only about style – ergonomics is key too. Elevate counters and kitchen islands to the height you require. Hang your cabinetry and vent hood a little higher than standard (but not too high to be ineffective). Ask us about custom cabinetry to have your kitchen at just the right height for you.

The rule breaker

The first rule of a kitchen for 2018 is – there are no rules! Mix and match everything from cabinetry to hardware in an assortment of colours and finishes. It’s a great way to create an informal, relaxed space and highly individual that you and your friends will love to hang out in.

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