Top 10 autumn design trends

September 11, 2018
September 11, 2018 Kirsty Young

2018 has certainly had no shortage of amazing kitchen design trends and they just keep on coming! This autumn, it’s all about contrasting colours and juxtaposing textures. Trends include the contrast of industrial style concrete and cool quartz countertops, and eye-catching kaleidoscopes of kitchen essentials against dramatic dark cabinetry.

What’s in and what’s out for autumn 2018

1. Smart technology: 2018 has been all about combining technology with style. As the smart kitchen market continues to grow, it’s a design trend which is set to continue into the autumn and beyond. From motion sense-equipped faucets to awe-inspiring smart refrigerators, the smart revolution is here to stay.

2. Darker shades: While white and grey remain the staple choice for cabinetry, daring to go darker will add a touch of drama. Navy blue is this season’s signature colour, but close on its tail are emerald green, sumptuous plum and classic black.

3. Mixing it up: If darker hues are too overpowering for your smaller kitchen, you can still stay on trend. Inject a little personality into your space with a two-tone cabinet scheme. Use one colour or material for the upper cabinets, and another for the lower ones. Try blending black and white for a classic kitchen look, or combining rich maple with glossy grey.

4. Open shelving: Open shelves are another great way to introduce colour against a neutral palette. Make a statement in a white kitchen by painting them a bold navy blue. Alternatively, stick with the all-white theme and let your kitchen essentials speak for themselves. Brightly coloured bottles, striking spice jars and carefully placed cookbooks can be transformed into eye-catching décor.

5. Metal features: Prefer to stay with a neutral palette? There are other ways to add a splash of colour to your space and you won’t be needing a paint brush… Brass, copper, and gold finishes bring warmth to your cabinetry, the wow-factor to your sink, and vintage glamour to your light fittings.

6. Composite sinks: Made from the same material as your countertop, composite sinks are a firm favourite this autumn. The popularity of concrete is also set to continue. In addition to sinks and countertops, furniture, wall coverings and tiles are all emerging as this season’s surprise concrete choice.

7. Cool quartz: For high-end kitchen countertops, quartz still beats granite to the No.1 spot. This autumn’s trend is moving towards the softer, more neutral colors like grey, taupe, cream and white.

8. Black is back: This season’s latest must-have appliances come in a cool matte black which is both practical and stylish. Unlike their stainless-steel counterparts, matte black appliances won't show every fingerprint.

9. Appliance garages: As featured by us back at the start of 2018, appliance garages are a real winner. Reduce counter clutter with a built-in space especially devoted to your toaster, coffeemaker or food processor.

10. Individual lighting: Well-planned kitchen lighting design can make all the difference between a functional kitchen and a spectacular space. This autumn, move on from tired track lighting and the traditional trio of pendants. Instead, choose prime positions for hanging individual pendants. Then place your favourite serving dish, artwork, or appliance under the spotlight … literally. Still not convinced about coloured cabinetry? LED colour-changing lights allow your kitchen to be bathed in rich colour whenever you choose.

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