Kitchen Entertaining: Beyond the Barbeque

August 3, 2018
August 3, 2018 Kirsty Young

There’s nothing like sunshine to bring out the beers and the barbeques. Summertime is the season for socializing, yet there’s one golden rule when it comes to guests – you’ll always find them in the kitchen at parties!

Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, winter or summer, there’s no getting away from it. Kitchens are, quite simply, a people magnet! So, why resist? ‘Go with the flow’ and create your perfect party kitchen.

6 kitchen design tips for your summer party

The best kitchen design is often about striking the right balance between practicality, style, and fun. Our kitchen design team share their top six kitchen design tips to ensure your kitchen is ‘party ready’:

1. The open plan phenomenon

If you like to be part of the action, nothing can beat the open plan kitchen. Dedicated zones for food prep, dining and relaxation are ideal for seamless socializing. Your guests have ample space to sit back and relax, and you can still enjoy their company while you create a culinary masterpiece. Even the smallest space can offer opportunities for social seating. Why not use that under-utilized space beneath your window for a bench seat? Finish it for comfort with silky soft cushions and throws.

2. Island life

For those with sufficient space and who love to entertain, building your kitchen around a centre island is a design must. Adding under counter storage will mean you can prepare food and chat with your guests without ever having to move from your work triangle!

Use it to lay out those pre-dinner appetizers or a light buffet. Or, for a warming winter treat, have your guests help themselves to a steaming array of hot dishes brought straight from the stove. In summer, serve chilled salads and tasty dishes direct from the fridge, free from outside pests and insects too.

3. Seeing double

For hosting large dinner parties, a double range oven with a 5-burner cooktop is a stylish centerpiece. Plus, all that extra cooking space means your culinary delights will finally reach perfection at the same time. Where possible, make room for a double sink. As every experienced party host knows, the double sink is worth its weight in dirty dishes!

4. The party mood

For the ultimate entertainment space, lighting design is crucial. Be sure to combine isolated areas of bright lighting with softer mood lighting. Installing separate dimmer switches will help you create an atmosphere to suit any occasion.

5. Clear countertops

Keep your dining table and countertops as clear as possible until the moment you serve. Why not invest in a oversized fridge and maximize your kitchen cabinetry to gain additional storage for special occasions. Store small appliances like toasters, blenders, etc. out of sight for clearer countertops every day.

6. Cool Countertops

Easy to wipe countertops (and plenty of them) are invaluable when it comes to that big party clean-up. Laminate is a cost-effective choice, but for that real touch of cool all year round, stone such as granite or quartz is a must. Stone countertops are also easy to clean, long-lasting and look great too.

At Verbeek Kitchens, our expert team can design a dream kitchen to suit your everyday needs and your party lifestyle. Start the fun today by calling us at 519-685-1811 or dropping by our kitchen showroom at 189 Exeter Rd. London, ON.