Lighting the way in your kitchen

May 18, 2018 Kirsty Young

Great lighting makes for a great a kitchen. A good lighting plan can make all the difference between an OK kitchen and a welcoming space you will enjoy every minute of every day, all year round.

All in the flick of a switch

There’s no easier and more effective way of changing the look and feel of a space then by changing the way that it is lit. Here are 5 key points to consider right from the start of your kitchen design:

  1. Mood matters. Think about the atmosphere you’re trying to create. Most modern kitchens are not just a space to cook in, but also a social hub for family and friends. Plan in flexibility to create isolated areas of bright light and softer mood lighting in other areas. Installing separate dimmer switches is one way you can adjust the lighting and create the atmosphere to suit any occasion.
  2. Planning and positioning. Be generous with the number of lights. Too few lights and too much of the kitchen will be under-lit. Also check the positioning – lights that are poorly positioned or directed will create large areas of shadow. Conversely, take care with lights that might reflect off high polished cabinetry or countertops and cause glare.
  3. On the wall. Wall-mounted lights can make a room feel larger, particularly in galley kitchens where the room is narrow. They also offer a softer lighting option where glare might be an issue.
  4. The right light bulb. Something as simple as your choice of light bulb can change the whole ambience of your kitchen. For crisp clear light, look at bright LED lights. If you’re looking for a cozier feel, choose bulbs with an off-white glow, available in energy efficient LEDs, CFLs or halogen bulbs. You can have a variety of light bulb types in various positions too – no need to stick with one type throughout.
  5. Let there be light. Pale colored walls, tiles and backsplashes reflect light, but darker tones will absorb it. So, if you’re going for a darker more dramatic color scheme, you may need more light fixtures to bring out the true character of your space.

Finishing touches

Creating a lighting plan for your kitchen is not only about the practicalities. Great lighting should be effective yet inviting. The ultimate lighting plan will use a unique mix of lighting styles (especially when working with a larger space). When choosing your kitchen lighting, consider blending the following:

  • Ambient lighting spreads light evenly throughout the space, creating a daylight effect. Fluorescent fixtures provide bright, high-efficiency lighting for whole-room illumination in larger spaces. LED flush ceiling lights are equally effective in a smaller kitchen.
  • ‘In between’ lighting supplements the ambient light for areas that need just a little more illumination, such as sinks, islands or eating areas. Chandeliers and pendant lighting suspended from the ceiling work well and also add a touch of elegance and variety to the space.
  • Task lighting directs light to illuminate specific tasks such as food preparation. Concealed under cabinet lighting is ideal for illuminating countertops, or to provide atmospheric lighting at the base of floor-standing cabinets.
  • Accent lighting. Once all your beautiful new cabinetry and countertops have been installed, you’ll want to show them off to their best! Track lighting enables a series of smaller lamps to be rotated and directed individually, putting all your well-chosen design features under the spotlight.

Spoilt for choice?

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