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Spring Clean Your Kitchen For Hidden Treasures

Spring sunlight is wonderful, but now that we have 13 hours of daylight per 24 hours, it’s also showing the parts of our home that need a good spring clean!

Often you’ll notice it first in your kitchen, as the bright early morning light reveals what the winter daylight conveniently hid away. So, we’ve put together our top spring cleaning tips, and a reason why getting to the very, very back of your kitchen cabinets might yield hidden treasures…

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Kitchen design: has the kitchen work triangle had its day?

When you’re looking at home kitchen design, you’ll soon come across the “kitchen work triangle”. Used for decades as a tool for efficient kitchen design, it aims to link the three main areas used most in a kitchen – the stove, the sink and the refrigerator. Imaginary lines link these three key areas to form a triangle. The idea is that you can easily step from one to another, as each side of the triangle should be no longer than 9 feet (2.7m).

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Choosing the perfect kitchen for your new home

Building your own home is an ideal way to create your home the way you want it for your lifestyle or your family.

At Verbeek Kitchens, we work with many of London’s top home builders to provide expert kitchen design and installation for a whole range of new homes. From single family and executive homes to condos and apartments, London’s best home builders trust Verbeek to provide their home buyers with beautifully designed kitchens to enhance and enrich their new home.

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Quality Carpentry

Qc has been busy this winter! Breathing new life into this 100 year old farm house kitchen.

We took it right down to the studs to start fresh with brand new cabinetry from Verbeek Kitchens topped with amazing Sloan StoneDESIGN quartz countertops. Not to be outdone we went with traditional Millwork by Copp’s Buildall beautiful oak flooring and marble backsplash from Sacwal Flooring Centres and a stunning fireplace by Donaldson Heating to keep it cozy on the cold country nights.

It takes a village and I have an amazing team! And the best clients!

2018 Kitchen Trends

With the rapid changes in kitchen design over the past 5 years, it’s been great to see such a variety of new styles and finishes on the market in 2017 to reflect this. The style stakes have been explored in depth from traditional to contemporary, but what’s in store for 2018 kitchen trends?

As a kitchen door manufacturer, we investigate the market every year to bring you the latest trends from across the globe make sure that your new kitchen is guaranteed to have that je ne sais quoi. From woodgrains to blues to marble effects, it’s all covered here.

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