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Top 10 autumn design trends

2018 has certainly had no shortage of amazing kitchen design trends and they just keep on coming! This autumn, it’s all about contrasting colours and juxtaposing textures. Trends include the contrast of industrial style concrete and cool quartz countertops, and eye-catching kaleidoscopes of kitchen essentials against dramatic dark cabinetry.

What’s in and what’s out for autumn 2018

1. Smart technology: 2018 has been all about combining technology with style. As the smart kitchen market continues to grow, it’s a design trend which is set to continue into the autumn and beyond. From motion sense-equipped faucets to awe-inspiring smart refrigerators, the smart revolution is here to stay.

2. Darker shades: While white and grey remain the staple choice for cabinetry, daring to go darker will add a touch of drama. Navy blue is this season’s signature colour, but close on its tail are emerald green, sumptuous plum and classic black.

3. Mixing it up: If darker hues are too overpowering for your smaller kitchen, you can still stay on trend. Inject a little personality into your space with a two-tone cabinet scheme. Use one colour or material for the upper cabinets, and another for the lower ones. Try blending black and white for a classic kitchen look, or combining rich maple with glossy grey.

4. Open shelving: Open shelves are another great way to introduce colour against a neutral palette. Make a statement in a white kitchen by painting them a bold navy blue. Alternatively, stick with the all-white theme and let your kitchen essentials speak for themselves. Brightly coloured bottles, striking spice jars and carefully placed cookbooks can be transformed into eye-catching décor.

5. Metal features: Prefer to stay with a neutral palette? There are other ways to add a splash of colour to your space and you won’t be needing a paint brush… Brass, copper, and gold finishes bring warmth to your cabinetry, the wow-factor to your sink, and vintage glamour to your light fittings.

6. Composite sinks: Made from the same material as your countertop, composite sinks are a firm favourite this autumn. The popularity of concrete is also set to continue. In addition to sinks and countertops, furniture, wall coverings and tiles are all emerging as this season’s surprise concrete choice.

7. Cool quartz: For high-end kitchen countertops, quartz still beats granite to the No.1 spot. This autumn’s trend is moving towards the softer, more neutral colors like grey, taupe, cream and white.

8. Black is back: This season’s latest must-have appliances come in a cool matte black which is both practical and stylish. Unlike their stainless-steel counterparts, matte black appliances won't show every fingerprint.

9. Appliance garages: As featured by us back at the start of 2018, appliance garages are a real winner. Reduce counter clutter with a built-in space especially devoted to your toaster, coffeemaker or food processor.

10. Individual lighting: Well-planned kitchen lighting design can make all the difference between a functional kitchen and a spectacular space. This autumn, move on from tired track lighting and the traditional trio of pendants. Instead, choose prime positions for hanging individual pendants. Then place your favourite serving dish, artwork, or appliance under the spotlight … literally. Still not convinced about coloured cabinetry? LED colour-changing lights allow your kitchen to be bathed in rich colour whenever you choose.

At Verbeek, we create dream kitchens to match the needs of all our customers. Our team will be happy to answer questions on all the latest trends and innovative technologies. Call us direct at 519-685-1811 or come into our kitchen showroom at 189 Exeter Rd. London, ON

Top brass kitchens

Industrial style kitchens are an established part of many on-trend loft or urban bachelor apartments. For many designers and customers alike, the clean lines of sparkling stainless steel against a stark palette of black, white or grey will never wane. However, there’s a new majestic metal on the kitchen design scene and it’s adding a deeper solid shine to urban chic. It’s brass – and it’s back!

Getting down to brass tacks

Brass is a wonderful addition to any kitchen. It adds a glamorous glow to the functional family space and a warmer, more ‘vintage-feel’ to its urban counterpart. Whether you’re embarking on a brand-new renovation or simply refreshing an old design, getting the ‘brass-look’ couldn’t be easier. Here are six design ideas to get you started:

1) Kitchen islands

Limiting the metallic look to a single defined area can often have the biggest impact. For a classic combination, add burnished brass cabinetry to your kitchen island.

2) Countertops and sinks

Countertops crafted entirely of brass create the wow-factor and add that special vintage vibe, especially as they begin to age. Over time, the surfaces used most will get shinier, whilst the underused areas gradually darken. Add a pure white, apron-front sink for a stunning contrast. Alternatively, turn the idea on its head. Brushed nickel sinks create a convincing brass-look against glossy white worktops and look equally eye-catching.

3) Walls, tiles & backsplashes

Exposed brickwork, concrete, and subway style tiles are all part of the established industrial look. For a bigger statement, choose brass mosaic tiles or spruce up plain subway-style tiles with golden grout. A bold brass backsplash will certainly attract attention, and last for decades. For a touch of brass class without the price tag, run a seam of brass along the top or through the centre of a tile or glass backsplash.

4) Lighting

Low-hanging brass pendant lights are a great addition to any industrial style kitchen, adding a warm glow without compromising on the overall styling. Oversized bulbs will further enhance the urban chic appeal.

5) Accessories

In a pared back space, token brass pieces will add a rich hint of glamour. Minimal, simple touches work best: try a bold brass fruit bowl on a kitchen island, a striking brass vase on the kitchen table, or casually displayed brass saucepans on open shelving.

6) Floors that enhance brass

Exposed steel surfaces are often a feature of city loft apartments, offering a simple background for the other elements of the kitchen. More often, you’ll find antique wooden floors as a more subtle choice for the family kitchen. Floors with herringbone or chevron patterns will soften the look further, and add to the warm vintage feel when set against brass cabinetry and accessories.

Thinking outside the brass box

Recycling is a key component of the industrial design trend. Visit local flea markets and antique stores and consider mixing and matching the furniture you stumble upon. Add brass legs to wooden chairs, stools and tabletops. Or, for a touch of warmth in an unexpected place, why not compliment timber cabinetry with some brass kickplates?

For that finishing touch, swap your faucets and cabinetry hardware for antique brass equivalents. You can find them at local stores, thrift shops, and auctions. It won’t matter that they don’t all match – the beauty is in the objects themselves. Look for brass accessories for elsewhere in the home too; hooks, door handles, front door furniture. Don’t polish antique brass items. Simply wash them, dry them, and rub with a soft cloth to bring up the shine a bit. This way your brass will keep that long-established patina so beloved of designers.

At Verbeek Kitchens, we create kitchens to match the needs of all our customers. Call us direct at 519-685-1811 or come into our kitchen showroom at 189 Exeter Rd. London, ON. Make your kitchen dreams a reality!

Outside kitchens: the ultimate in year-round entertaining

Outdoor kitchens are a growing trend and a fabulous addition to any large garden. But before you multiply your kitchen (and your budget) by two, step away from that pizza oven brochure and consider your options.

Some of the most desirable kitchens are those that flow seamlessly from the interior to the exterior. Extending inside design themes into your outside space creates so much more than just an outdoor kitchen. It can define the ultimate area for outside entertaining. If that sounds perfect for your social lifestyle, it’s time to turn your kitchen inside out!

Blurring the boundaries

Start thinking about how to bridge that inside-outside gap right from the initial design of your new kitchen. Here are some suggestions for reducing boundaries between inside and outside.

1. Get close to nature

If you’re planning a kitchen extension, include as much glass as possible and let the natural light flood in. For the real wow-factor, consider triple glazed, low frame profile bi-fold doors. These doors simply fold back at the lightest touch to effectively remove the fourth wall of your kitchen and allow step-free access from inside to outside space. Look for bi-folding doors that offer the highest ratings for UV protection, heat insulation and security.

2. Stay connected

If your budget doesn’t extend to bi-fold doors, there are other ways to create the perception of a single space. Start by linking your design themes with matching colours and textures across both your indoor and outdoor furniture. Look for other ways to create connections between your inside and outside areas, such as lighting, finishes and use of specific woods.

3. Let your floor flow

Using the same flooring materials inside and out gives a seamless feel to the transition between inside and outside spaces. Flagstones, for example, are hard-wearing and work particularly well in a glass-box extension. Another neat design trick is to use one material for the majority of the kitchen, then merge into your outdoor flooring just before the doorway to your outside space.

4. Put on a performance

Outdoor entertaining doesn’t have to be all about a basic brick-built BBQ or even a fancy pizza oven. Add a cooktop to your kitchen island and position it as close to your outside space as possible. With guests able to see you in action from both inside and outside, the stage is set to astound your guests with some culinary theatre!

5. A trick of the light

For the final deception, extend your inside lighting outside. Use small spotlights to create the ambience in your kitchen, and then continue the mellow mood by embedding solar lights into your deck or under the eaves of a summerhouse. If low hanging pendant lighting creates a central feature over your kitchen table, why not mirror the effect with string hung lanterns over your outside table or dining area.

When to keep the outside, outside

Of course, not everything on the outside is welcome inside. There are some things you’ll definitely want to keep out of your home if possible, including:

Fruit flies

Keep a lid on compost bins, cover fruit bowls and plates to avoid attracting these little pests. Set fruit fly traps: pour red wine or vinegar into a ramekin, cover it with plastic wrap and poke holes in the top with a toothpick. Attracted by the smell, the flies crawl through the holes and then can’t find their way out.


If you have any garden water features, make sure they are fitted with a pump or recirculating system to avoid standing water, which mosquitos breed in. Also, watch out for hidden water sources, such as pots, grill covers, sand buckets, baby pools and other children’s toys.

With some imaginative planning and a few precautions, the outdoors can be as much a part of your kitchen as the room indoors. At Verbeek, our expert design team are ready to help turn your kitchen inside. Call us at 519-685-1811 or drop by our kitchen showroom at 189 Exeter Rd. London, ON.

Kitchen Entertaining: Beyond the Barbeque

There’s nothing like sunshine to bring out the beers and the barbeques. Summertime is the season for socializing, yet there’s one golden rule when it comes to guests – you’ll always find them in the kitchen at parties!

Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, winter or summer, there’s no getting away from it. Kitchens are, quite simply, a people magnet! So, why resist? ‘Go with the flow’ and create your perfect party kitchen.

6 kitchen design tips for your summer party

The best kitchen design is often about striking the right balance between practicality, style, and fun. Our kitchen design team share their top six kitchen design tips to ensure your kitchen is ‘party ready’:

1. The open plan phenomenon

If you like to be part of the action, nothing can beat the open plan kitchen. Dedicated zones for food prep, dining and relaxation are ideal for seamless socializing. Your guests have ample space to sit back and relax, and you can still enjoy their company while you create a culinary masterpiece. Even the smallest space can offer opportunities for social seating. Why not use that under-utilized space beneath your window for a bench seat? Finish it for comfort with silky soft cushions and throws.

2. Island life

For those with sufficient space and who love to entertain, building your kitchen around a centre island is a design must. Adding under counter storage will mean you can prepare food and chat with your guests without ever having to move from your work triangle!

Use it to lay out those pre-dinner appetizers or a light buffet. Or, for a warming winter treat, have your guests help themselves to a steaming array of hot dishes brought straight from the stove. In summer, serve chilled salads and tasty dishes direct from the fridge, free from outside pests and insects too.

3. Seeing double

For hosting large dinner parties, a double range oven with a 5-burner cooktop is a stylish centerpiece. Plus, all that extra cooking space means your culinary delights will finally reach perfection at the same time. Where possible, make room for a double sink. As every experienced party host knows, the double sink is worth its weight in dirty dishes!

4. The party mood

For the ultimate entertainment space, lighting design is crucial. Be sure to combine isolated areas of bright lighting with softer mood lighting. Installing separate dimmer switches will help you create an atmosphere to suit any occasion.

5. Clear countertops

Keep your dining table and countertops as clear as possible until the moment you serve. Why not invest in a oversized fridge and maximize your kitchen cabinetry to gain additional storage for special occasions. Store small appliances like toasters, blenders, etc. out of sight for clearer countertops every day.

6. Cool Countertops

Easy to wipe countertops (and plenty of them) are invaluable when it comes to that big party clean-up. Laminate is a cost-effective choice, but for that real touch of cool all year round, stone such as granite or quartz is a must. Stone countertops are also easy to clean, long-lasting and look great too.

At Verbeek Kitchens, our expert team can design a dream kitchen to suit your everyday needs and your party lifestyle. Start the fun today by calling us at 519-685-1811 or dropping by our kitchen showroom at 189 Exeter Rd. London, ON.

Not just kitchens: Verbeek versatility uncovered

Verbeek is firmly established as one of the “go to” kitchen design companies in Southwestern Ontario. Since first opening our doors in 1977, we have been creating inspiring kitchens with a first-class fit and finish and all the latest technology.

What you might not know is that we’re not all about kitchens! From custom cabinets to transforming under-used alcoves or corners, we specialize in practical, elegant design solutions for every part of your home. Everything you need to create your special space is right here at Verbeek.

Love your laundry room

Make your laundry room as beautiful as your new kitchen with custom cabinetry from Verbeek Kitchens. We’ll create a design to fit your room and your requirements, and then install new cabinets and countertops to make your laundry room practical, efficient and good to look at!

Home office cabinets, desks and shelving

More and more Canadians are working from home these days, spending less time commuting on the roads and more time with their families as a result.

According to research by Regus Canada in 2017: (7)

  • 47% of employees work away from their office for half the week or more
  • 39% of those surveyed mostly work from home
  • 11% worked exclusively from home

Further research undertaken by software firm Intuit (8) found that:

  • 41 per cent of self-employed Canadians work to top up the income of a regular job
  • 47 per cent work for themselves to enjoy greater work-life flexibility

The company predicts that:

Freelancers, independent contractors and on-demand workers will make up 45 per cent of the Canadian workforce by 2020.”

That’s a lot of people working from their kitchen tables, lounge rooms or basements who could really benefit from a dedicated home office space!

Our clients love the freedom an office space in their home gives them to work during the day, free from distractions. It also is the perfect room for children to do their school work free from the distractions of the family lounge area and TV, or bedroom-based games consoles, PCs and phones.

At Verbeek Kitchens, we can design and build a home office that’s designed to your exact requirements, including cabinets, shelving, and sufficient desk and surface space for your PC, printer and other tech.

Custom-designed cabinetry solutions

We work closely with our customers to find workable solutions to fit even the most unusual space. Every cabinet, bookshelf, TV unit and desk you need is expertly installed by our specialist team of cabinetry craftsmen. Popular installations include:

  • Wall to wall bedroom closets
  • Workshop cabinetry
  • TV and media cabinets
  • Wall-to-wall bookshelves and bookcases for the home library
  • Trophy and display cabinets
  • Wine racks and wine storage

Why not drop by our showroom at 189 Exeter Road, South London, Ontario and get a taste of the wide range of natural woods, colors and finishes we have available?

Beautiful bedrooms

Desperate to de-clutter? Give your clothes the room they deserve with wall-to-wall closets that glide shut with the touch of a finger. Talk to our design team about integrating elegant dressing tables, mirrors, drawers, shelving, shoe racks and even TV cabinets.

Specialty Rooms

Do you have an empty basement or just an odd corner that you’ve never known quite what to do with? Our cabinetry specialists can transform any under-utilized area with a custom-designed storage solution. Whether you’re looking for a playroom for the kids, a family games room, a home theatre room or even a basement bar, we can help.

Expert bathroom design

At Verbeek Kitchens, we have over 40 years’ experience in designing and planning new bathrooms cabinets and countertops. Call us with your requirements.

Community outreach

It’s not just about kitchens and it’s not just about us. London and the surrounding area have given us so much support over the years that we decided to give something back. Over the years our resources have provided assistance to the following charitable and entrepreneurial ventures:

  • Sunshine Foundation
  • Business Cares Food Drive
  • London Food Bank
  • Jr. Knights London
  • The Greater London Soccer Club
  • Unity Project
  • London Abused Women’s Centre

Making dreams a reality

At Verbeek Kitchens, we offer stunning storage solutions and specialty room designs which are perfect for you and your lifestyle. Make the impossible, possible. Call our design team at 519-685-1811 and book your consultation today.

What’s in the fridge: smart appliances and your new kitchen

With more and more of us running our lives from our smartphones, a new generation of kitchen appliances are offering connectivity at the swipe of a finger. With the smart kitchen market expected to grow by almost 25% by 2025, this year’s trend is all about combining technology with style.

So, we’ve looked at the latest appliances to bring your kitchen into the 21st century.

Born smart

There’s no shortage of gadgets for the kitchen improver or for those of us who choose to ‘build smart’ right from our first kitchen design. For clean-handed chefs and messy families alike, motion sense-equipped faucets continue to be a popular choice. For those who love to be in control and informed too, how about a smart egg tray? It will tell you how many eggs you have left and check their shelf life – and you won’t even have to open your fridge door!

Keeping it cool

Have you ever stared blankly at the refrigerators in the grocery store wondering if you’re out of milk at home? Now you don’t have to. Big brands like Samsung are setting the bar on a whole new way of organizing family life.

Their awe-inspiring Family Hub™ is available in 3 unique designs. The 4-door version gives you the option of turning the bottom right compartment from a fridge into a freezer and back again! Thanks to interior cameras which take a photo every time you close your fridge door, you can check the contents of your fridge from just about anywhere! You can also set phone notifications to let you know when you need to go shopping.

The app enables you to share calendars, photos and notes between your refrigerator and your family’s smartphones, so you can touch base anytime and anywhere. So, no more paper ‘to do’ lists or school sporting fixtures stuck to the fridge with magnets!

If you just want have some fun, take advantage of the large screen on the Family Hub to stream music and videos while you cook. Just mind your fingers when chopping!

It’s not all about technology

Efficiency is the watchword for 2018, but that doesn’t always mean getting ‘smart’. Sometimes a novel idea (or even a different slant on an old one) is all it takes. Here are a few trends which aren’t competing in the smart stakes but are well worth taking note of:

3-rack dishwashers

These offer more efficient use of space and improved utensil washing. If you’re looking for that ‘super sparkle’, models with the higher-tech washer jet mechanism are a must.

Door-within-door fridges

Why let warm air enter your entire fridge when you’re only reaching for a beer? Keep your fridge performing at maximum efficiency by storing popular items in an isolated area.

Glass-fronted fridges

See inside the fridge without having to open the door. Simple but effective!

Ovens: what’s hot and what’s not

The stand-alone “range-style” appliance is fast becoming a thing of the past. Nowadays, induction cook-tops paired with separate single wall ovens are the oven of choice for amateur chefs and busy moms alike. Using magnets to heat a pan directly, rather than indirectly, induction cooktops facilitate precise temperature control and faster cooking.

If you’re looking for style in a limited space, a wall oven with French doors is a perfect choice. For smartphone addicts, a wall oven equipped with Bluetooth will also enable you to control the functions remotely!

Steaming ahead to a healthier lifestyle

A research study carried out by Mintel in 2017 found that nearly half of Canadians feel guilty when they eat foods they consider unhealthy. It’s hardly surprising then that steam ovens rank highly on the wish lists of the health conscious. They help retain food nutrients and flavor better than conventional ovens. Better still, they cook in super quick time!

At Verbeek, we work with our partners to design and install new kitchens which include your choice of innovative appliances. For more details, call us at 519-685-1811 or drop by our kitchen showroom at 189 Exeter Rd. London, ON.

Kitchens for men: a new kind of cool

More men are spending time in the kitchen than ever before. According to Statistics Canada, in 1986, just 29 percent of fathers reported having to cook during a typical day. In 2015 that number doubled to 59 percent.

What’s changed?

Changing attitudes to equality and the increase of women in full-time work is a large contributor to this upward trend. The rise of TV cooking shows like Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives must also play a big part. With its likeable, laid-back frontman Guy Fieri, this is just one show currently making a hit with male audiences.

Finally, it seems, the kitchen is cool!

Bucking the trend

With more men in the kitchen, it’s hardly surprising that they’re starting to influence design trends. Men tend to place less emphasis on aesthetics and more on “workflow” and “efficiency”. Or at least, that’s what James Ramsey of New York’s RAAD Studio has observed. Here are just a few of the kitchen style ideas that men are embracing for 2018:

The entertainer

Love to entertain? An open plan arrangement that combines a functional kitchen with a living or dining room is still a top design choice. If you don’t have the space, scatter stools around your kitchen island and make sure it’s big enough for guests to share without encroaching on the all-important food prep. Floor to ceiling cabinets are great for maximizing storage space – and perfect for housing the TV and wireless sound system!

The hassle-free guy

Low-maintenance quartz countertops or other engineered stone products are this year’s must-have. Resisting stains and scratches, these super-tough surfaces are hassle-free. “Roughed-up” finishes are another favourite. For a powerful contrast, try pairing weathered oak cabinets with smooth marble countertops.

The gadget geek

If you love your gadgets, then there’s no better place than the kitchen to start your latest collection. From motion sensor automated faucets to smart refrigerators and flash freezing devices there’s a whole world of gourmet gizmos out there. You’ll find it hard to resist!

The dark side

The on-trend colours for high contrast kitchens are soft grays and rich blacks. For a dramatic contrast go with black appliances and darker hardwood floors. (Unlike their light finish counterparts, they won’t show every speck of dust and dirt!).

Go green

Grow your way to the top of the 2018 kitchen wish list and ‘go green’ … literally! A green island or cabinetry paired with gold hardware makes a huge statement. For a subtler edge, give plain white urban-style tiles a lift by using green grout instead of white. Or, for a real touch of cool, why not go retro and introduce a mint green fridge?

The tall guy

Tired of stooping over your chopping board and banging your head on low cabinets? Kitchen design is not only about style – ergonomics is key too. Elevate counters and kitchen islands to the height you require. Hang your cabinetry and vent hood a little higher than standard (but not too high to be ineffective). Ask us about custom cabinetry to have your kitchen at just the right height for you.

The rule breaker

The first rule of a kitchen for 2018 is – there are no rules! Mix and match everything from cabinetry to hardware in an assortment of colours and finishes. It’s a great way to create an informal, relaxed space and highly individual that you and your friends will love to hang out in.

At Verbeek, our team is ready to design a kitchen which suits your needs and your lifestyle. Kick-start your new kitchen today by calling us at 519-685-1811 or dropping by our kitchen showroom at 189 Exeter Rd. London, ON.

Kitchens with character: adding the personal touch

Your new dream kitchen will be on-trend, stylish, and functional, but what does it say about you and your family? Simply by adding some unique personal touches, you can turn a showroom-pristine kitchen into a customized space that reflects your character and lifestyle.


Dare to be different

There are so many ways a kitchen can reflect your character. All that’s required is a little creative thinking and a willingness to think ‘outside the box’. So, we’ve come up with a few design ideas to help your personality shine through:

1. The rough with the smooth

Create the perfect on-trend urban vibe with elegant metal bar stools around an island of natural maple or walnut. Wire mesh fruit bowls and pendant lamps hanging from intricate chains are also great textural features. Or, for a more overt industrial feel, set stainless-steel cabinetry and appliances against all wood cabinet interiors and floors.

2. Soft at heart

Personalize cool white finishes by mixing the expected with the unexpected. Potted plants with an abundance of delicate, green foliage will provide contrast and visually soften straight edges. Make a statement with a round table or round top stools in any kitchen defined by straight lines.

3. Wonderful windows

If you have a window nestled between tall cabinetry, take full advantage of the space. Build in a comfy window seat and accessorize with textured cushions for that added touch of softness. Or ask the team here at Verbeek about our custom cabinetry solutions for any underused space, including storage.

4. Colour your life

A rainbow assortment of coloured seating injects vibrancy and focal points into any darker kitchen colour scheme. Stand out from the crowd by introducing some quirky ‘one-off’ furnishings, whether chic new designer pieces, or one-off, upcycled items painted in bright colours and given a new look.

5. A touch of the traditional

Give your contemporary kitchen family history and character by adding a few period pieces. A long-forgotten family heirloom might be just the thing for a jolt of originality. Alternatively, rummage around some garage sales, visit your local antique store, or take a look at the range of architectural salvage sites online.

6. Keeping it cool

If you’re all about chic, then glossy white leather-topped stools against dark granite countertops will conserve your cool class. Or reverse the contrast with a black-veined white quartz countertop and jet black bar stool tops.


Unique storage solutions

At Verbeek, we are proud to offer specialty designs for customized storage, both inside and outside the kitchen. We can help with:

  • Under-used spaces brought to life: Make alcoves, archways and spaces under staircases work again as practical, built-in storage areas.
  • Celebrate high ceilings: A floor to ceiling display cabinet can be an impressive addition to any kitchen. Perfect for showing off kids’ crafts, family photos and keeping your personal treasures safe.

From day one, you’ll be involved in your design, ensuring your storage solution is totally unique to you and perfect for your needs.

At Verbeek Kitchens, we create dream kitchens to match the character and needs of all our customers. Our team will be happy to answer all of your design questions. Call us at 519-685-1811 or come into our kitchen showroom at 189 Exeter Rd. London, ON.

Lighting the way in your kitchen

Great lighting makes for a great a kitchen. A good lighting plan can make all the difference between an OK kitchen and a welcoming space you will enjoy every minute of every day, all year round.

All in the flick of a switch

There’s no easier and more effective way of changing the look and feel of a space then by changing the way that it is lit. Here are 5 key points to consider right from the start of your kitchen design:

  1. Mood matters. Think about the atmosphere you’re trying to create. Most modern kitchens are not just a space to cook in, but also a social hub for family and friends. Plan in flexibility to create isolated areas of bright light and softer mood lighting in other areas. Installing separate dimmer switches is one way you can adjust the lighting and create the atmosphere to suit any occasion.
  2. Planning and positioning. Be generous with the number of lights. Too few lights and too much of the kitchen will be under-lit. Also check the positioning – lights that are poorly positioned or directed will create large areas of shadow. Conversely, take care with lights that might reflect off high polished cabinetry or countertops and cause glare.
  3. On the wall. Wall-mounted lights can make a room feel larger, particularly in galley kitchens where the room is narrow. They also offer a softer lighting option where glare might be an issue.
  4. The right light bulb. Something as simple as your choice of light bulb can change the whole ambience of your kitchen. For crisp clear light, look at bright LED lights. If you’re looking for a cozier feel, choose bulbs with an off-white glow, available in energy efficient LEDs, CFLs or halogen bulbs. You can have a variety of light bulb types in various positions too – no need to stick with one type throughout.
  5. Let there be light. Pale colored walls, tiles and backsplashes reflect light, but darker tones will absorb it. So, if you’re going for a darker more dramatic color scheme, you may need more light fixtures to bring out the true character of your space.

Finishing touches

Creating a lighting plan for your kitchen is not only about the practicalities. Great lighting should be effective yet inviting. The ultimate lighting plan will use a unique mix of lighting styles (especially when working with a larger space). When choosing your kitchen lighting, consider blending the following:

  • Ambient lighting spreads light evenly throughout the space, creating a daylight effect. Fluorescent fixtures provide bright, high-efficiency lighting for whole-room illumination in larger spaces. LED flush ceiling lights are equally effective in a smaller kitchen.
  • ‘In between’ lighting supplements the ambient light for areas that need just a little more illumination, such as sinks, islands or eating areas. Chandeliers and pendant lighting suspended from the ceiling work well and also add a touch of elegance and variety to the space.
  • Task lighting directs light to illuminate specific tasks such as food preparation. Concealed under cabinet lighting is ideal for illuminating countertops, or to provide atmospheric lighting at the base of floor-standing cabinets.
  • Accent lighting. Once all your beautiful new cabinetry and countertops have been installed, you’ll want to show them off to their best! Track lighting enables a series of smaller lamps to be rotated and directed individually, putting all your well-chosen design features under the spotlight.

Spoilt for choice?

At Verbeek Kitchens we specialize in creating your custom dream kitchen to suit your specific needs. From the first measurements to the creation of your unique 3D kitchen design, we offer a service that goes to the finest level of detail. Our team will be happy to answer all of your design and lighting questions. Call us direct at 519-685-1811 or come into our kitchen showroom at 189 Exeter Rd. London, ON.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Choosing Your New Kitchen Countertops

Your kitchen countertop is one of the most hard-working areas of your kitchen, a multi-function surface for everything from food preparation to kids’ science projects!

Kitchen countertops are a major expanse of surface that seamlessly links your whole kitchen together from one end to the other. Countertops have a significant impact on the light in your kitchen, whether bouncing back light from a light-coloured surface, or adding drama with a dark, statement colour.

Read more