• The Government of Ontario now require a screening survey to be completed by all essential and non-essential visitors upon their arrival. Further to this requirement, the London-Middlesex Region requires that masks must be worn when inside a workplace or when entering a business.

    Verbeek Kitchens both expects and requires that this screening form be completed when ever meeting with one of our employees. Individuals that do not pass the screening questionnaire will not be permitted to enter our facilities or meet face to face until the screening questionnaire can be passed. In addition to this screening form Verbeek Kitchens requires all parties to be wearing a mask and always abide by the social distancing guidelines. This includes Verbeek Kitchens staff but also anyone meeting with our staff.
  • Please enter a phone number that you can be reached at for the purpose of contact tracing. Your information will not be shared with outside parties.
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